​  ​​​Wild Brown Trout

A.W.D on the fly

Waiting for that take on

​the dry fly .

Bjr Flies

​Bri  the  Fly

W i l d    B r o w n   T r o u t

Between the two white dots is a lovely 

Brown holding in the current waiting for any food coming in to his range.



The Red Butt A.W.D Nymph

Ant Dodson went for a little fish down on 

a local river. After a few misses from Trout taking short , he was rewarded with this lovely looking Brown Trout on his own little pattern called the Red Butt A.W.D Nymph.

​Wild  &  Perfectly  formed

Trout will hold in the most smallest of pools, waiting for food to come down in the rivers flow.

The rewards of fly fishing.This lovely wild brown trout caught on a small local  river.Great fun and fight on a 2/3 # fly rod.

A lovely Wild Brown caught by my friend Rob Linton  using a silver Head  nymph.