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Tied by Brian Ratcliff/B.J.R flies.

Wes Ower having a good old catch 

up with fly fishing friends.

What a great honour to be sitting next to the greats of fly tying and fishing,  Mike Weaver and Russ Symons.

Some great Patterns coming off  the old vice.

                           B.J.R Flies 

The crowds came from all around to see the action inside and out.

The Vindaloo Stoat . 

This Pattern came about one 

night sitting down at the vice as 

the rain hit against the window.

As for the name I thank my good 

friend Paul Slaney  from good old

Wales who named it in time for me 

to show it a Roadford 2015.

Friends afloat at Roadford .

Rob and Ant checking out what it feels like on  the Float Tubing  way of Fly Fishing.

So another Season is nearly upon us and as for Roadford fly fair, this will be its 3rd year running, which is now a date in every fly fisherman's diary.This year at the fair was a special one as I had been invited to come and tie among some great fly fishing and tying greats ,like Wes Ower, Ron Wilday, Russell Symons, Mike Weaver, Charles Jardine, Alan Bithell and Gary Champion to name a few. Roadford is a great venue to hold this event, as its 700 acre Reservoir is a fantastic back drop, it also  gives a great boost for the forth coming season wherever you may be fishing.

‚Äč   Roadford Game Fair &  Fishing 2015