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In the world of fly fishing flies are abundant, many of which can be used for Sea Trout fishing. Through my experience of fishing local rivers in Devon, keeping the collection simple has proven to be the most effective.  Some flies which have proven to work well amongst those who have tried them are the famous Peter Ross (which was designed by Peter Ross [1873-1923] who had a village shop in Killin, in Perthshire), the well-known Secret Weapon (designed by Falkus), Mallard & Silver, Teal, Blue & Silver, Squirrel Blue & Silver and the Black Pennell. These flies can each be tied on a variety of hook sizes and styles, for instance a Kamson size 14 up to a size 6 or on a few small Salmon hooks like a low water single size 10 up to size 6 and sometimes bigger depending on the colour and height of the river, any wet fly can be made into a Secret Weapon by adding a small treble. Patterns have also been tied on the classic lure hooks, size 10-8. Also tubes, Waddington shanks, double Waddington shanks and doubles and trebles can be very good. However suface lures are as well regarded as the wet flies tied, examples of this are the deer hair muddler minnow and the deer hair weight lure with a treble on the end and the other more modern version created with foam. Foam is the more often occuring material in my fly collection as it proves to be more practical as unlike deer hair it does not become saturated with water, instead it continues to float and it is an inexpensive material. These are tied on a long shank hook size 8-10. Both have demonstrated an ability to catch fish well. From personal experience through the years, it has become clear that experimentation plays a large part in the production of successful flies. Just remember to have confidence in your flies and what you do, you will catch. Some nights will be more successful than others as each night can throw different things at you on the river but keep at it, work that fly and remember that next cast and pull of the line could be a hook up to a fish of a lifetime.

Tight Lines 

B.J. Ratcliff

      Black & Silver Artic Fox Stinger

 My Rubber leg Balloon Caddis

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