A.W.D out on his Belly Boat up in the waters of Ireland.

​Wild Brown cought on Switch Rod

​  As  wild  as they  come

This pattern I tied for a very good friend, it  is based on the well known Bibio fly pattern. This is a great pattern for rivers or fishing a team of three on the loughs.


The lower river Caragh ,with Caragh lake in the background


Name of river : Black water . A well known river that would do well fishing  a good traditional dry fly pattern.

Above :

This is a beautiful shot taken of the lower Caragh River

The Cascade :

A great salmon pattern.

Fly fishing in Ireland is fantastic with so many rivers and loughs to choose from, with many  species to target.

Before doing any fishing its best to find out what is free water,and what is classed as day permits or private, 

​as in fishing clubs.Where ever you fish in any country do not assume you can just cast a line anywhere.


When looking at a river like this, it shouts out 

fishing.This is the upper Caragh, a great piece of water with many good size fish in it.

Ant Dodson.

A good day on the fly rod at  the

pier. Pollock was the catch of  the


This page is dedicated to a very good friend of mine, Ant Dodson, who over many years has been going out to Ireland Fly fishing and now lives there with his partner Julie .  As all fly fishermen know, there is something special about Ireland and fishing .When sitting down looking at books on large Salmon, Sea trout, Brown trout and, not forgetting, Salt water species,  Ireland has all of  this to offer.


​                                                                                           B.J.R Flies

           ​Fly Fishing Ireland


A lovely salmon pool

​A.W.D pro casting 2015

The Bibio  variant.

     The Fly Rod and Trout

Above :

A fine looking run for drifting a nice fly down to wait for that pull.

Below :

Just a few photos of the many great fishing 

rivers in Ireland where you could catch a fish of a life time


One for the wild Brown Trout up

on the Mountain loughs. 

 Fresh water shrimp :


This is one of the many loughs in Ireland which hold a good head of hard fighting wild brown trout.