​0riginal Medi Fly

​The Medi Fly

​U.V. & Copper Ribbed Variant

     Dry Flies & Nymphs

​             Tied by B.J.R Flies & A.W.D

Tied and invented

​by Craig & Medi  Treharne.

        The Medi Fly

It was the 1st Fly after months of trying to tie up a

fly to resemble gnats that I collected on my village River Morlais in a plastic tub . Then using my 8th Birthday Present.... a Fly - Tying Kit gift I got from my Parents , I finally got to tie  up , one proper tied imitation of what I had  in my tub that I had brought home at the age of 8 1/2 to 9 years old . On my first trip on an​ early summers morning  it caught me a 1lb Wild Brown Trout on my home Village River using my near imitation fly of a gnat . Each time I kept tying the exact pattern , but later on I added a very thin Gold Rib . Since then I have never looked back , its continued to catch me lovely sized Browns on all Rivers my Dad took me too. Its  constantly caught me Rainbows  on Wales's 1st newly opened Man-Made Lake and Trout Farm of 2 1/2 Acres named LIanllawddog back in the early 1970's . Its caught Sea Trout on Rivers , in sizes 10 at the age of 9.

To this day it just continues to catch Fish constantly.

                   words from the heart....

               words from Craig Treharne....

A little bit of 

Welsh magic .

Red butt A.W.D Nymph

Tied by Ant Dodson

​May flies by b.j.r flies