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Bri Ratcliff ,Bri the fly to the locals 

Hi I was born in a small town in Devon, the youngest of three brothers who love fishing, like myself. It was our dad, who is sadly no longer with us, who got us into fishing from an early age. But it was my elder brother Mike who introduced me to fly fishing-especially for Sea Trout. 

After many nights on the river listening to what he had to say about the area we were fishing and him giving me pointers of where the fish would be holding and how best to fish the pools, the rest was up to me to put it into action. 

Catching and getting that first Sea Trout to the net and onto the bank made my heart race, I was hooked and have never looked back since. If I was asked what type of fish I like to fly fish for the most, it would have to be the Sea Trout. I think its because you are in the dark and hearing the splashes you don't know what the next cast or pull may bring. 

Along with fly fishing, my passion for fly tying is equally as important to me. Although specializing in modern and traditional Sea Trout flies, I also enjoy tying other patterns for Salmon, Brown and Rainbow Trout. I love tying all my flies as it gives me a sense of pride sitting there at the vice, tying a few patterns, then going out in the dead of night hoping for that fish of a lifetime!

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